xDeep Trim Weight Pockets for Backmount BCD


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Optional Trim Weight Pockets for Backmount Scuba BCD 

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Compact, streamline plus place them, where you need it.

Small backmount trim pockets can hold up to 10 lbs total.

xDEEP pockets for backmount scuba BCD can be mounted in many places like tank band, waist or shoulder straps. They allow for quick and easy trimming.

To make them more compact and streamline, we put special reinforcement plate inside the pocket made of highly durable polymer. It makes the weight pocket fit tightly to the strap so nothing is loose and move around uncontrollably.  

The xDEEP optional backmount trim pockets can be used with any BCD or harness made of 2 inch / 50 mm standard webbing.

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