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xDeep Stealth 2.0 Rec Sidemount System

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Stealth 2.0 REC BCD Full Set for Sidemount by xDeep

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STEALTH 2.0 REC - For sport sidemount divers.

Built on the proven advanced design and materials technology used in the STEALTH 2.0 Tec and Classic family, the STEALTH 2.0 Rec is our expert solution for demanding recreational and sport divers. The STEALTH 2.0 REC system delivered in an easily usable and friendly form.

The STEALTH 2.0 REC’s streamlined recreational BC wing with 28 lbs / 13 kg lift and modular harness combination provide the key to enjoying a balanced and relaxed approach to your sport dives.
The perfect balance provided ensures minimal drag in the water, reducing effort, improving gas consumption and enhancing underwater time and enjoyment.
The STEALTH 2.0 was the first system to have a central dump valve for buoyancy control. Proven in cave and technical diving the advantages are just as important for sports diving. The valve is easy to reach with either hand, and simple to dump excess gas without having to change your position in the water. Having great control over buoyancy means safer and more relaxing dives.
Easy ON, easy OFF - tough buckles make getting in and out of the STEALTH 2.0 Rec system just as easy as any other BCD. Safe and secure in use, but easy to operate even in thick gloves. All the adjustability of the original STEALTH 2.0 in an easy to use form. Stealth TEC harness features 3 differing webbing thickness and stiffness not only for comfort but also for enhanced performance. Security and adjust ability is designed into the harness to enhance the diving experience. D rings on the waist strap can be moved to allow for cylinder buoyancy changes and control of cylinder position, even if carrying buoyant high helium mixes.

Stealth family features world's best weight management system achieving perfect balance and trim. Multi options of weight management system allows you to place the weight in an ideal position relative to your center of gravity. Central weight pocket is simple to move within a considerable range. Just as if you were moving a V-weight on a twinset, you can apply the same principle for optimum position and thereby perfect balance and trim.

For detailed list of features visit manufacturer website, CLICK HERE. 


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