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What's the difference between XDEEP GHOST and ZEN scuba BCD ?

Although ZEN and GHOST looks similarly they are very different in purpose. Lets take a closer look at the differences below. 

1. Backplate

XDEEP NX GHOST - sturdy, durable but made for travel in mind therefore skinny and skeleton construction, smaller in size backplate compared to ZEN, to achieve travel weight but keeping extreme durability manufacturer used titanium aluminum material for backplate

XDEEP NX ZEN - same skeleton look but ZEN backplate is significantly larger than GHOST backplate, also since travel weight is not a main concern conventional heavier materials were used for backplate like aluminum and stainless steel. Unlike NX GHOST backplate that won't support double tanks NX ZEN backplate can be used with doubles when using in combination with double cylinders BC wing i.e. NX PROJECT

2. BC - wing

XDEEP NX GHOST - very lightweight, compact and travel friendly, NX GHOST wing is durable, cut and puncture resistant but features single layer construction, more prone to mechanical damage than ZEN wing

XDEEP NX ZEN - heavier, more robust dual layer wing construction. ZEN BC wing outer shell is made of virtually indestructible Cordura, inner bladder made of ballistic nylon. Combination of these two makes it extremely durable to damages.

3. Harness

Both XDEEP NX ZEN and GHOST feature very similar harness, almost identical with characteristic for NX Series BCD's features:

- split crotch strap, game changer, largely improves stability, comfort plus adds on additional butt d-ring placing them more on the outside of a divers body frame making them much more accessible vs. one centered crotch strap d-ring

- shoulder webbing straps run lower into the backplate leaving diver larger armhole, putting BCD on and off is much easier

- waist belt placement is raised slightly to improve divers comfort and mobility

Both XDEEP NX GHOST and ZEN trims nicely and with ease. Both are very stable and extremely comfortable plus by lift capacity capable BCD's. Choice comes down to where most of your dives will be done, if mostly travel go with NX GHOST, if mostly locally where more weight and durability is required go with NX ZEN. Bottom line you cant go wrong with either one.