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XDEEP Custom BCD Tune Up Tool

XDEEP Custom BCD Tune Up Tool

Categories : XDEEP Scuba Gear

Imagine a tool that allows you to build fully custom scuba diving BCD in the comfort of your home. 

A tool that not only lets you choose the proper configuration, model, or size but lets you do much more like choosing from different materials, main and accent colors, logo and trim, then to customize it even further with your name embroidered on it. Custom BCD tool that will also suggest best fitting dive accessories along. Now, you can stop imagining, because the custom scuba diving BCD tool from XDEEP is REAL!

XDEEP Tune Up Tool - Fully customize and personalize your scuba diving BCD. 


Let’s just say that even the best scuba gear is a bit boring and virtually the same for quite some time now. 

Things like masks, fins or wetsuits are available in many different colors but no company took on the challenge of making simple, easy to use and effective online tool to let scuba divers create, customize and order optimal scuba diving BCD, that all have changed because of XDEEP Tune Up Tool. 

Do it How? 

It cant be done easier even if you wanted to. XDEEP Custom BCD configurator: https://tuneup.xdeep.eu/ takes the user through a simple few step process. 

You start with choosing the main scuba BCD configuration of your interest, you can pick from recreational or technical style scuba BCD plus sidemount, backmount, single tank or double tank scuba BCD options are all there. 

Next pick your colors, although XDEEP Tune Up tool limits the number of available color combinations you still have plenty to choose from. You can not only choose the main system color but spice it up with custom wing trim color, backplate, and shoulder padding color plus XDEEP logo color you like. XDEEP Tune Up tool gives you suggestions of scuba accessories you may need or like together with your custom scuba BCD and want it to be in the same colors. But that’s not the end, custom colors are cool but nothing will make a better statement than your own name or nickname embroidered on your custom scuba BCD! 

Finalizing the process. 

When you are all done picking your favorite colors, accessories and delivery time you finalize your configuration with one click of a button. Upon completion a PDF form will be generated with alphanumeric code that is assigned to your unique configuration only. Sign your custom BCD summary form, scan or make a photo of this PDF form and send it to us via email. We process on your behalf your XDEEP custom scuba BCD order with manufacturer. 

Depends on the standard or express delivery option you picked during the configuration process you can expect to receive your custom scuba diving BCD within 2-6 weeks.2 weeks production time + 1 week shipping for Express orders and 4-6 weeks production time + 1 week shipping for standard orders. 

Now all is left is getting your new custom scuba diving BCD on an underwater adventure. 

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